GNOME Shell 44.2 Improves Built-In Screen Recorder, Bluetooth Menu, and More

Mutter 44.2 is also out with various improvements for Xwayland windows and some X11 fullscreen windows.
GNOME Shell 44.2

After releasing the GNOME 44.2 desktop environment earlier this week, the GNOME Project now also released updates for the most important components in GNOME, the Mutter 44.2 window and composite manager, as well as GNOME Shell 44.2.

GNOME Shell 44.2 is here to further improve the built-in screen recorder functionality, as well as the Bluetooth menu in Quick Settings, which received support for user-defined names. Moreover, it addresses some glitches in the calendar widget when using large text, fixes an issue with the authentication dialog getting stuck in remote sessions, and patches other minor bugs and a crash.

On the other hand, Mutter 44.2 is here to improve support for display-attached tablets, fix an issue with legacy full-screen windows appearing on all monitors on multi-monitor setups, address a race condition in xwayland-on-demand, as well as to fix oversized input region around Xwayland windows.

On top of that, Mutter 44.2 fixes the mispositioning of some X11 full-screen windows, fixes X11 client input region issues, fixes a redrawing regression in non-DMA remote sessions, fixes a drag and drop issue in some server-side decorated windows, and prevents unexpected orientation changes around suspend or resume.

A memory leak was plugged as well in Mutter 44.2, which also fixes various other minor bugs and some crashes.

Both GNOME Shell 44.2 and Mutter 44.2 will land soon in the stable software repositories of your GNU/Linux distributions, so make sure that you keep your GNOME 44 installations up-to-date at all times for a better, more stable, and reliable GNOME desktop experience.

Last updated 4 months ago

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