GNOME 44.2 Released with Fixes for GNOME Software, Nautilus, and More

This point release also brings improvements for Eye of GNOME, Evolution, GNOME Remote Desktop, Orca, and other apps.
GNOME 44.2

The GNOME Project announced today the general availability of GNOME 44.2 as the second maintenance update to the latest and greatest GNOME 44 “Kuala Lumpur” desktop environment series.

Coming a little over a month after the GNOME 44.1 point release, GNOME 44.2 is here to add another layer of bug fixes and improvements to make your GNOME 44 desktop experience better, smoother, and more stable.

In GNOME 44.2, the devs update the GNOME Software package manager to improve support for Flatpak apps, check for updates when automatic updates are disabled, better handle multiple background jobs, prevent rpm-ostree updates from being downloaded when only checking to see if any updates are available, and reduce background resource consumption when the app is idle.

The Nautilus (Files) file manager has been updated to version 44.2 as part of this release bringing various fixes to crashes that occurred when using expandable folders and the Other Locations view, the rubberband range behavior on the List view, inconsistent search states, as well as lingering tracker cursors.

The Epiphany (GNOME Web) web browser has been updated to version 44.3, a release that improves the creation of Web Apps, fixes storage access (Intelligent Tracking Prevention) permission requests, addresses crashes that occurred when using the bookmarks popover, and removes Purism metadata from the appdata file.

GNOME Control Center 44.2 received various small accessibility fixes, including the ability to hide the entire “Touchpad” tab in the Mouse & Touchpad panel when the touchpad can’t be disabled, removal of the autologin row tooltip in the Users panel when it’s unlocked, as well as some small updates to the Network and Appearance panels.

GNOME Maps 44.2 is included as well in this update and it now shows thumbnails for places with a linked Wikidata entry and a title image, but without a linked Wikipedia article, and it shows the correct rotation of the user location marker when there is a heading (Geoclue indicating motion) whenever the map view is rotated.

GNOME 44.2 also comes with an updated version of the GNOME Boxes virtualization software (version 44.2), which now preserves run-in-background and 3D acceleration configs for VM clones, saves manual configuration edits on CHANGES_DONE_HINT, improves pre-filling VM memory/storage resources, and fixes an issue where shared folders won’t appear for newly created VMs.

This second GNOME 44 point release also brings improvements for Eye of GNOME, Evolution, GNOME Remote Desktop, Orca, and other apps. For more details, you should check out the changelog on the release announcement page.

The GNOME Project encourages all GNU/Linux distributions shipping GNOME 44 to upgrade to the GNOME 44.2 point release, which should soon many its way into the stable software repositories of some of the most popular distros, including Fedora Linux 38, Ubuntu 23.04, Arch Linux, and openSUSE Tumbleweed.

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