Flatpak App of the Week: Cartridges, a Simple Launcher for All of Your Games


Yes, our “Flatpak App of the Week” articles are back and this week I would like to introduce you to an app launched in March 2023 as a simple game launcher for all of your game accounts, Cartridges.

Written in Python using GTK+ 4 and libadwaita, Cartridges started as a simple game launcher that only supported a couple of game distribution platforms, including the popular Steam game service and Bottles, a free and open-source software that lets you run Windows games and apps on Linux based on Wine.

Today, Cartridges has matured and it supports importing games from many popular game distribution platforms, such as Lutris, a free and open-source game manager, Heroic, an open-source launcher for GOG and Epic games, as well as Itch.io, an independent store for indie games.

The best part about Cartridges is that it unifies all your installed games from all of these platforms into a single, easy-to-manage interface, and you don’t even need to open those apps or give Cartridges access to them as it’s capable of automatically detecting your games.

In addition to automatic import, the app also lets you manually add games that have been installed from other places than the ones Cartridges recognizes. Also, the app lets you set custom installation folders for the known game services in case you modified them.

The interface is kept simple for a reason, so you can launch your games without any hassle. But don’t be fooled, because Cartridges comes with many options that let you configure the app to your needs or give you insights into your games.

For example, you can choose to import Steam games from your Lutris installation or import Epic, GOG and SideLoaded games from your Heroic Game Launcher installation. It also supports multiple Steam install locations and supports SteamGridDB for importing game covers.

On top of that, Cartridges comes with a great search function that lets you search for video games on various databases, lets you sort and hide games in the main interface, lets you remove games, and even supports animated game covers.

Cartridges is a great app for all Linux gamers who have large game collections from different platforms. It’s the one app to rule them all and you can install it right now on your favorite GNU/Linux distribution from Flathub.

With the latest release, Cartridges is now part of GNOME Circle, a collection of applications and libraries extending the聽GNOME ecosystem and showcasing the best software for the GNOME desktop.

Last updated 11 months ago

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