Flathub Now Has Over One Million Active Flatpak App Users

The Linux app store is now serving 1.6 billion downloads of over 2,400 apps in the Flatpak sandboxed universal binary format.
Flathub Million

After hitting one billion downloads in May 2023, Flathub, the home of hundreds of apps and games for Linux, reached another huge milestone, one million active users (and growing).

Flathub is a centralized repository of Flatpak apps providing Linux users with countless applications and games that they can install on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution with minimum effort thanks to the sandboxed universal binary format known as Flatpak.

Flathub is currently one of the most popular app stores for Linux serving 1.6 billion downloads of over 2,400 apps in the Flatpak format, of which more than 850 apps have been verified by their original authors. And now, Flathub proudly announced today that it surpassed 1 million active users of Flatpak apps.

“We can look at the number of downloads of updates to a recent release of this runtime to estimate how many active installs are out there getting Flatpaks from Flathub. This methodology reveals that over the past few months, there have been over a million updates of each of the latest FreeDesktop SDK runtime releases, meaning we’ve passed the one million active user mark,” reads the announcement.

The team believes that the recent growth in users comes from several factors, including the availability of some very popular apps (e.g. Firefox, Thunderbird, VLC, Spotify, OBS Studio, Google Chrome, Telegram), support for new and verified apps, the inclusion of Flathub as the default app source for the Steam Deck’s desktop mode, as well as the growing adoption among many popular GNU/Linux distributions like Fedora Linux, Linux Mint, KDE neon, and others.

But they are relentless in their pursuit of becoming the number one source of apps for Linux, promising many goodies in the foreseeable future, including support for paid apps, a new organizational structure for Flathub, documentation improvements, collaboration with third-party developers and ISVs, as well as curation and improved presentation of apps.

Image credits: Flathub

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