Gamebuntu 1.0 Launches with a Complete Redesign to Let You Install Only What You Need

Gamebuntu 1.0

Gamebuntu, the app that promised to make gaming on Ubuntu painless for Linux newcomers by installing all that a gamer needs, has reached maturity with version 1.0 and boasts a new design.

Gamebuntu developer Rudra Saraswat recently announced the new release, Gamebuntu 1.0, which comes with a complete redesign, both visual and internal, to let you install only the things you want or need for your Ubuntu gaming sessions rather than installing a bunch of packages to bloat your installation.

As such, Gamebuntu now offers five main section where you can choose from amongst four game store launchers, including Steam, Heroic/Epic Games Launcher, Minigalaxy GOG client, and Lutris, as well as two kernels (a low-latency one and the Xanmod kernel).

It also lets you choose from no less than 10 tools that might come in handy when gaming. These include, Wine for running Windows games and apps, MangoHud HUD for games and the GOverlay utility for configuring HUDs, Feral Interactive’s GameMode, OpenRGB for configuring devices with RGB, Polychromatic for configuring Razer devices, Piper for configuring game peripherals, NoiseTorch for mic noise suppression, VLC media player, and ProtonUp-Qt for managing Proton-GE and Luxtorpeda for Steam and Wine-GE for Lutris.

On top of that, Gamebuntu lets you install a streaming app, namely the powerful OBS Studio screen recorder and streaming app, as well as a social app, namely the popular Discord.

If you want the Gamebuntu developer to add more tools to the application, you can suggest them here. Meanwhile, if you’re new to Ubuntu gaming, you can download the latest Gamebuntu release from here.

The zip archive contains a universal AppImage that you can run on any supported Ubuntu release, including Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (recommended) or Ubuntu 21.10, just by double clicking. For new releases of Gamebuntu, re-download the zip archive from the link above.

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