GNOME 40.3 Released with Improvements to GNOME Software, Many Bug Fixes

GNOME 40.3

The GNOME Project announced today the release of GNOME 40.3 as the third maintenance update to the latest and greatest GNOME 40 desktop environment series.

Coming about five weeks after the GNOME 40.2 release, GNOME 40.3 is here with an updated GNOME Software app that now automatically installs application updates depending on the type of application and user configuration, includes apps from disabled repositories in the search results of the Activities Overview, an improved Updates tab, as well as better support for PackageKit apps.

The Evince document viewer has been updated as well to display “None” when the creation or modification date is missing from a document, as well as to enable the Odd Pages Left option only when the dual page feature is active. Also, the GNOME Boxes app received improvements to the run-in-background functionaly for non-Flatpak builds.

This release also improves IM pop-up visibility when in full-screen, addresses a glitch in the App Grid that occurred during session transition, fixes some shadow rendering glitches and vertical scrollbars in RTL (Right to Left) locales, and improves detection of network mounts in the Drive Menu extension.

Also fixed in GNOME 40.3 is the area screencasts functionality when the window is unredirected, the mapping of a tablet to a monitor, a regression that could be noticed when signing in for OSM (OpenStreetMap) editing in the GNOME Maps app, and various other crashes and glitches that can be studied on the full changelog page.

The GNOME 40.3 update is recommended for all users and all GNU/Linux distributions that ship GNOME 40 in their repositories. Those interesting in compiling it, can use the official BuildStream project snapshot or the individual source packages.

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