GNOME 41.2 Is Here to Improve Software, Boxes, Orca, Calendar, and Other Apps

GNOME 41.2

The GNOME Project released today GNOME 41.2 as the second point release to the latest and greatest GNOME 41 desktop environment series to fix more bugs, update translations, and add a few improvements.

GNOME 41.2 is here five weeks after GNOME 41.1 to update the Orca screen reader accessibility tool with improved behavior when the focused back/forward button is pressed, improved presentation of subscript and superscript elements, the ability to identify and present custom-element images, improved speech generator for browser alerts, support for handling name/description change floods in the event manager, improved presentation of indeterminate progress bars (busy indicators), and better Python 3.10 compatibility.

The GNOME Boxes virtualization software has been updated to version 41.2 with a fix for an issue that prevented users from configuring 3D acceleration, as well as for an issue that caused virtual machines to have no sound, an up-to-date list of downloadable operating systems.

GNOME 41.2 also updates the Evince document viewer to version 41.3, a point release that fixes metadata and remove “Quit” from the Shortcuts page, updates the GNOME Calculator app to version 41.1, a minor release that fixes an issue where the app’s basic mode’s width was forced, and updates the GNOME Calendar app to version 41.1, a minor release that fixes the detection of Google Meet URLs.

GNOME Software 41.2 graphical package manager is here too with the ability to reload an application’s details only when the user doesn’t installs or removes the application, improved calculation of disk size usage, an improved Add-Ons section that no longer shows add-ons for different apps, and a fix for a crash that occurred when processing age ratings.

Also updated during this round is the Cheese webcam viewer, the new Connections app, the Eye of GNOME image viewer, as well as the GNOME Initial Setup, GNOME Control Center, GNOME Maps, GNOME Terminal, and GNOME Screenshot components, the latter finally being updated to version 41. These apps received minor bug fixes and updated translations.

For application developers, GNOME Builder has been updated up to version 41.3 with improvements to Flatpak runtime resolution on new system installs, improvements to overview map styling, an updated GTK4 template, more restrictive app ids in the project wizard, support for the editor tow insert matching single quotes (‘), improvements to the CMake plugin, as well as improved diagnostic styling and search results.

Those of you who want to compile GNOME 41.2 can download the official BuildStream project snapshot from here or the individual source packages. Most users using the GNOME 41 desktop environment series on their GNU/Linux distributions will have to wait until the new package versions arrive in the stable repositories (e.g. GNOME 41.2 already landed in Fedora Linux 35).

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