GNOME 42.1 Is Out with Many Improvements to Software, Nautilus, and Control Center

GNOME 42.1

The GNOME Project announced today the release of GNOME 42.1 as the first point release to the latest GNOME 42 desktop environment series to fix bugs and add various improvements.

GNOME 42.1 is here about five weeks after the release of the GNOME 42 desktop environment and brings numerous improvements to the GNOME Software graphical package manager, including better handling of the Flathub repository and Flatpak apps, better support of RTL (Right-to-Left) languages, various UI fixes, as well as a fix for a bug that prevented Fedora Linux users from disabling some repositories.

The Nautilus (Files) file manager has been updated as well in this first point release with support for HighContrast syle, the ability to preload dragged external files info in List view, the ability to override the dark mode wallpaper when not using portal, improved popover in Compress dialog under X11, and better support of RTL languages.

GNOME 42.1 also improves the GNOME Control Center app, which received fixes for monitor labels and various small behavior improvements in the Display panel, improved handling of VPN connections in the Network panel, improved behavior of helper application on X11 in the Online Accounts panel, as well as various other small changes to the User Accounts and Wacom panels.

On top of that, the GNOME Calendar app received improvements to the date chooser widget, the new GNOME Connections app now allows users to resize and maximize the display view and better handles multiple simultaneous connections, and the GNOME Music app now has a working shuffle function, improved art handling on scrolling, and better support for RTL languages.

Last but not least, GNOME 42.1 ships with a new version of the GNOME Text Editor app that received improvements to the preference dialog styling, titles in the “save-changes” dialog, and icons for zoom controls.

Also as part of this first GNOME 42 point release, there’s GNOME Logs 42.0, a major update that introduces optional dark mode user preference, rounded window corners, the ability to directly open journal files, several keyboard shortcuts to the Help overlay, and window sizing improvements.

Of course, many other core components received smaller changes, bug fixes, etc., so make sure that you check the full changelog for more details. Meanwhile, if you’re using the GNOME 42 desktop environment on your GNU/Linux distribution, keep an eye on the stable repositories for the 42.1 packages and update your installations.

Also today, the GNOME Project released GNOME 41.6 as the sixth maintenance update to the GNOME 41 desktop environment series, which many distributions out there are still using, such as Ubuntu 21.10. GNOME 41.6 only brings a few bug fixes, but you should still update your installations when the new package versions arrive in the stable repositories.

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