GNOME 45.1 Improves Flatpak Permission Checks, Adds Support for More CPUs

This release updates the GNOME Software, GNOME Calendar, GNOME Maps, Nautilus, Orca, and GNOME Settings apps.
GNOME 45.1

The GNOME Project announced today the release and general availability for public consumption of GNOME 45.1 as the first point release to the latest GNOME 45 “Riga” desktop environment series.

GNOME 45.1 looks like a small point release, even if I expected it to bring some big changes. It comes with an updated GNOME Software app that offers improved Flatpak permission checks and the ability to report PackageKit GPG-related errors in the GUI, some styling fixes, and optimized loading of the App Details page.

GNOME Control Center (Settings) has been updated as well in GNOME 45.1 with support for more types of processors in the About page, as well as the ability to close the Cursor Size dialog on the Accessibility page and the Shortcuts dialog on the Keyboard page using the Esc key.

Furthermore, this release reverts the “Disable DNS entry if automatic DNS option is enabled” feature in GNOME Control Center’s Network page, which now lets you edit network connections when no device is present.

GNOME 45.1 also improves the GNOME Calendar app to read the 12/24h time format setting from the portal, display event popover above events, and address a crash that occurred when loading some specific event in specific ranges and timezones.

Also updated is the Nautilus (Files) file manager, which no longer crashes when opening the Properties dialog from admin://* or when unmounting drives, no longer jumps to the top when using the Menu key, properly reorders bookmarks when using drag and drop, and re-adds search results when switching the view mode.

Other than that, the Orca screen reader received improvements for bookmark support and no longer presents custom widgets as images. Also, the GNOME Maps app received more validation of transit plugin parameters, improved searching for recent routes, and lower timeouts when downloading service files.

Last but not least, libnotify 0.8.3 is present in GNOME 45.1 as an important update that addresses critical stability security issues that affect Electron apps that depend on Portal notifications. The GNOME devs highly recommend all users to update the libnotify library to version 0.8.3.

GNOME 45.1 will soon make its way into the stable software repositories of various popular GNU/Linux distributions, so make sure that you update your installations on a regular basis. The next point release, GNOME 45.2, is currently scheduled for early December 2023.

Update 11/08/23: GNOME Shell 45.1 and Mutter 45.1 have been released as well, and Epiphany 45.1 is out now too with updated AdGuard YouTube ad blocker, text normalization when middle clicking the new tab button, and fixes for memory and window leaks, bugs and crashes.

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