GNOME 45.2 Released with Various Fixes and Performance Improvements

This release updates the GNOME Shell, Mutter, Nautilus, File Roller, GNOME Software, GNOME Maps, GNOME Disks, and Loupe apps.
GNOME 45.2

The GNOME Project released today GNOME 45.2 as the second maintenance update to the latest and greatest GNOME 45 “Riga” desktop environment series bringing more bug fixes, performance improvements, and updated translations.

GNOME 45.2 is here more than five weeks after GNOME 45.1 and improves the GNOME Shell component by optimizing application search, improving high-contrast styling, and adding support for a “version-name” field in extension metainfo as GNOME Shell extensions now support a custom “version-name” string.

With this update, GNOME Shell now shows the preferences dialog only after an extension has been loaded. Moreover, a performance issue caused by repeated signal leaks was addressed, and an issue with the on-screen keyboard backspace getting stuck was fixed as well, along with arrow navigation in search results.

GNOME 45.2 also updates the Mutter window and composite manager to improve support for tablet devices on X11 and to disable the hardware cursor when inhibited by the backend. A crash and a couple of other bugs were addressed as well in Mutter 45.2.

The Nautilus (Files) file manager received support for detecting unmount on some non-native mounts, support for expanding types and sizes in the Properties dialog, a fix for a crash that occurred when viewing image properties, as well as a crash that occurred when reconnecting to a remote server.

Loupe 45.2 image viewer is included as well in the GNOME 45.2 release with improved ordering of images after deleting images so that it no longer confuses users, improved keyboard shortcuts to correctly show the swipe gestures, and the ability to show an image when reloading it after an error.

Also updated in GNOME 45.2 is the GNOME Sudoku 45.3 board game, which now helps colorblind users by adjusting the red warning color to be brighter, and the File Roller (Archive Manager) 43.1, which improves DEB package support and Google Drive support.

A new version of gnome-bluetooth (42.7) is present as well in the GNOME 45.2 release to fix bugs that prevented the Obex Push server from automatically accepting files from paired devices, which could cause the Connection switch on attached devices to look out of sync with the connection state.

The Window List extension has been improved to allow buttons to be clickable at the screen edge and fix initial preview visibility, the latter also being fixed in the Workspace Indicator extension. Moreover, the GNOME Text Editor 45.1 app includes fixes for row styling in preferences and improved comparing of the changes in a document after a “Save As” operation occurs.

Last but not least, GNOME 45.2 includes xdg-desktop-portal-gnome 45.1 with the ability to send remote file URIs as local FUSE URIs, support for exposing org.gnome.desktop.calendar through the Settings portal, various fixes to screencast and input capture, as well as other changes.

Apps like GNOME Software, GNOME Maps, and GNOME Disks have also been updated in this release, but with very small changes or updated translations. For more details, check out the full changelog here.

GNOME 45.2 will soon make its way into the stable software repositories of various popular GNU/Linux distributions, so make sure that you update your installations regularly. The next point release, GNOME 45.3, is currently scheduled for early January 2024, alongside the alpha version of GNOME 46.

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