GNOME 45.3 Released to Allow Sharing of WPA3 (SAE) Networks with QR Code

This update improves GNOME Software, GNOME Shell, Mutter, GNOME Maps, Orca, Epiphany, Eye of GNOME, and Rygel.
GNOME 45.3

The GNOME Project announced today GNOME 45.3 as the third update to the latest GNOME 45 “Riga” desktop environment series to fix more bugs and also add a few enhancements for fans of the GNOME desktop.

Coming five weeks after GNOME 45.2, the GNOME 45.3 update introduces a new version (45.3) of the Mutter window and composite manager that better forces EGLStream, a mechanism that efficiently transfers a sequence of image frames from one API to another, with the NVIDIA proprietary graphics driver.

Mutter 45.3 also fixes the handling of relative mode for tablets, adds support for syncing geometry only when a window is mapped, improves picking due to transform changes so the actual picking is deferred to happen once per frame at most, and so it applies to all pointing devices, which allows triggering the repick in a more generic manner.

In addition, the Mutter 45.3 release improves Wayland client support by adding a new make_desktop() method, fixes occasional artifacts at top of full-screen X11 windows, and fixes background color around background images.

The Settings (GNOME Control Center) app received the ability to share WPA3 (SAE) networks with QR code, hide the QR code icon when the network connection is not successful, and close the network editor when using non-native nm-connection-editor in the Network panel.

It also improves background preview and chooser performance in the Background panel, the ability to show the preview measurement format for the current locale in the Region panel, and updates the mute state when setting mixer control for a stream in the Sound panel.

GNOME Shell 45.3 is included as well in the GNOME 45.3 update with the ability to use any Enter key (on Numpad or main keyboard) to be used to take a screenshot, improved formatting of extension errors, as well as fixes for the spinner in the Light style variant and a memory corruption when removing the “” style class.

The GNOME Maps app was also updated to version 45.3 to fix a bug that prevented the POI browser from showing in some cases. The same goes for GNOME Software, which now recognizes links in package update descriptions, loads category pages a lot faster, and fixes a deadlock when canceling an application update.

Also included in the GNOME 45.3 release is the Epiphany (GNOME Web) 45.2 web browser which reverts a fix for URLs that aren’t found when searching history because it broke the search for page titles, as well as fixes for a sync service error leak, a memory corruption, and an issue with user help not opening for some users.

Last but not least, the GNOME 45.3 update includes the Orca 45.2 screen reader with a fix for a bug that caused users to get stuck in the menu bar during caret navigation, the Eye of GNOME 45.2 image viewer with updated appdata, and the Rygel 0.42.5 media server with fixes for an issue with devices that can’t handle the DLNA 1.51 protocol and an issue with Raumfeld devices not supporting the OGG file format.

The GNOME 45.3 update will soon make its way into the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distributions. In fact, at the moment of writing, it’s already available in Fedora Linux 39 and Arch Linux distributions. More details are available in the release announcement.

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