GNOME 45’s File Manager Gets Search Performance Boost, Better Grid View

The Nautilus (Files) file manager is also getting redesigned Visible Columns options to allow you to change default columns.
GNOME file manager

During the development cycle of the upcoming GNOME 45 desktop environment, due out later this year, the Nautilus (Files) file manager will get some new features and performance improvements you may want to know about if GNOME is your cup of tea.

Nautilus in GNOME 45 is getting a search performance boost and the ability to refocus the search bar using Ctrl+F, support for dropping images directly from web pages, redesigned Visible Columns options to allow you to change default columns, as well as the ability to display bytes size as a tooltip for folder properties.

The Grid View has been improved as well for the GNOME 45 desktop environment to indicate starred files too. Moreover, it looks like Nautilus will boost a more adaptive design where the sidebar width will now adapt to the window width and use a breakpoint for adaptiveness.

Also improved in the upcoming Nautilus 45 release is the file opening experience while sandboxed, the date and time format to be more consistent, and the definition of the Keyboard Shortcuts window to be more simplistic.

Last but not least, GNOME 45’s file manager is getting a better archiving experience by allowing users to skip errors while creating compressed archives, and the ability to move the keyboard focus within list rows.

Of course, there will also be many bug fixes to make Nautilus more stable and reliable for everyday use. sushi integration bugs, results ordering and other search bugs, tooltips, a11y labels, and i18n issues, bugs when reloading on autofs timeouts, multiple crashes, and several memory leaks have all been plugged.

In addition, Nautilus will no longer allow you to format volumes that can’t be formatted, e.g. MTP, will no longer hide incompletely deleted folders, it will no longer show you that a file was “deleted” when it was actually moved to the Trash, will improve tab dropping, and will fix the rubberband range behavior on the List View.

The GNOME 45 desktop environment is slated for release on September 20th, 2023. There will be many new features in GNOME 45 across many of the desktop’s default apps, which will be revealed during the entire development cycle, so stay tuned right here for more news.

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