GNU Linux-Libre 6.7 Kernel Released for Those Seeking 100% Freedom for Their PCs

This kernel is targeted at those who want to build a 100% free computer that doesn't include any proprietary code.
GNU Linux-Libre 6.4

The GNU Linux-libre project announced today the release and general availability of the GNU Linux-libre 6.7 kernel for those who seek 100% freedom for their GNU/Linux computers and software freedom lovers.

Based on the just-released Linux 6.7 kernel series, the GNU Linux-libre 6.7 kernel is here to update the cleaning up of the AMDGPU, Nouveau, Adreno, mwifiex, mt7988, ath11k, avs, and btqca drivers, clean up mentions of blobs in AArch64 DTS files, and clean up new mt7925, tps6598x, aw87390, and aw88399 drivers.

GNU Linux-libre 6.7 also drops cleaning up of COPS Localtalk and RTL8192U Wi-Fi drivers as they’ve been removed from the upstream kernel and fixes unintended cleanups on the xhci-pci, RTL8xxxu, and rtw8822b drivers, which may have affected hardware that wasn’t compatible with your freedom.

“The cleanups would have only affected hardware that is not compatible with your freedom anyway, for demanding actual blobs, but we took the opportunity to restore other bits that, despite also looking suspicious, were ultimately fine to keep,” explained the devs.

Other than that, this release comes with all the new features and improvements, as well as the updated and new drivers that have been included in the upstream Linux 6.7 kernel series. However, the GNU Linux-libre kernel does NOT ship with non-free components, as the upstream kernel does.

The GNU Linux-libre kernel is targeted at software freedom lovers and Linux purists who want to build a 100% free GNU/Linux computer without any proprietary drivers or code. You can download the latest release’s compressed tarballs right now from the official website.

Ready-to-use binary packages for Debian-based (DEB) and Red Hat-based (RPM) distributions can be found at the Freesh project and RPM Freedom. The GNU Linux-libre kernel can be installed on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution alongside or as a replacement for the standard kernel.

Image credits: GNU Linux-libre project

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