GStreamer 1.22 Open-Source Multimedia Framework Improves AV1 and WebRTC Support

This major release comes with Qt6 support for rendering video inside a QML scene.
GStreamer 1.22

GStreamer 1.22 open-source and cross-platform multimedia framework is out today as a major release that brings numerous improvements, new features, and many other changes to provide you with a top-notch multimedia experience.

GStreamer 1.22 includes AV1 video codec support improvements by adding hardware encoding and decoding via VA-API/VA, AMF, D3D11, NVCODEC, QSV, and Intel MediaSDK, new AV1 RTP payloader and depayloader elements, new encoder settings in the AOM reference encoder-based av1enc element, as well as AV1 parser improvements.

WebRTC support has been improved as well in this release thanks to the addition of simulcast and Google Congestion Control support, a new WebRTC-based media server ingestion/egress (WHIP/WHEP) support, as well as an all-in-one WebRTC sender plugin.

For Linux users specifically, the new GStreamer release improves the design for DMA buffer sharing and modifier handling for hardware-accelerated video decoders, encoders, and filters, as well as for capturing and rendering.

GStreamer 1.22 also adds Qt6 support for rendering videos inside a QML scene, ONVIF timed metadata support, new fragmented and non-fragmented MP4 muxers, new gtk4paintablesink and gtkwaylandsink renderers, and touchscreen event support in the navigation API.

Also new is a videocolorscale element that promises better performance as it can convert and scale at the same time, plugins for Amazon AWS storage and audio transcription services, as well as H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC, and AV1 hardware-accelerated video encoders for AMD GPUs using the Advanced Media Framework (AMF) SDK.

Improvements were also brought to high bit-depth video support, the Video4Linux2 (V4L2) hardware accelerated decoder, CUDA and Direct3D11 integrations, as well as Playbin3, Decodebin3, UriDecodebin3, and Parsebin support.

Check out the release notes for extra reading on the new features and improvements implemented in the GStreamer 1.22 release, which should soon arrive in your distribution’s package repository.

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