KDE Ships February 2020 Applications Update, Here’s What’s New

KDE Applications 19.12.2 includes Latte Dock 0.9.8

The KDE Project released today the second point release to the latest KDE Applications 19.12 open-source software suite, adding new features, improvements, and lots of bug fixes.

KDE Applications 19.12.2 includes many of the recent application releases, such as KDevelop 5.5, which introduced initial Python 3.8 support and improvements to C++ and PHP languages, Latte Dock 0.9.8 bugfix release, and KMyMoney 5.0.8 with support for check forms with split protocol.

Also included are the Okteta 0.26.3 Hex editor with a new CRC-64 algorithm for the checksum tool, as well as the Zanshin 0.5.71 todo list tracker and RKWard 0.7.1 front-end to the R programming language, each shipping various improvements and new features to make your life easier.

Moreover, the Elisa music player received support for handling files without any metadata, the Umbrello UML designer improves its Java import capabilities, the KMail email client now correctly shows attachments saved in the Drafts folder when a message is reopened for editing, and the Okular document viewer fixes a rendering issue.

The KDE Applications 19.12.2 release should be available for installation shortly from the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution, so if you’re using the KDE Apps software suite, make sure to update as soon as possible.

If you plan on downloading or compiling only some of the packages included in the KDE Applications 19.12.2 point release, visit the release page for more details.

The next and last planned point release for KDE’s open-source software suite is version 19.12.3, which is expected to hit the streets on March 5th, 2020. The next major release after KDE Applications 19.12 will be KDE Applications 20.04, due for release in April 2020.

Last updated 4 years ago

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