KDE Frameworks 5.108 Released with Various Bug Fixes and Improvements

This is a minor maintenance release that brings a few bug fixes and some small changes.
KDE Frameworks 5.108

The KDE Project released today KDE Frameworks 5.108 as the latest version of this open-source software suite consisting of more than 80 add-on libraries to Qt that provide commonly needed functionality for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and KDE apps.

KDE Frameworks 5.108 is here to fix a Plasma desktop crash that occurred when closing all running apps with a middle click on their Task Manager icons, address a major regression causing a symlink’s target to be moved or copied instead of the link itself, and fix an issue where editing files using kio-admin changes the file permissions.

This new KDE Frameworks release also improves support for the JPEG XL (JXL) image format in the KImageFormats, which provides additional image format plugins for QtGui, by adding support for the libjxl 0.9 library, while dropping support for the old 0.6.1 version.

The KHolidays library received support for Juneteenth (a federal holiday in the United States) as a variable holiday, an option to disable the building of the geo: URI scheme handler has been added to KDE GUI Addons, and ReplayGain changes have been reapplied to KFileMetaData.

KDE Frameworks 5.108 also improves syntax highlighting by adding support for highlighting the QML pragma keyword. There are also several other minor fixes and improvements, so you should check out the full changelog on the release announcement page.

As you can see, KDE Frameworks 5.108 is a very minor update as the KDE Project is focusing on the development of the upcoming KDE Frameworks/KDE Plasma 6 releases. Despite that, any improvement or bugfix is more than welcome for extra stability and reliability of your KDE Plasma desktop.

KDE Frameworks 5.108 is rolling out now to your favorite GNU/Linux distributions, so make sure that you keep an eye on the stable software repositories for the new packages. KDE Plasma users are recommended to update to this new KDE Frameworks release as soon as possible!

Last updated 10 months ago

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