KDE Gear 22.12.2 Released with Improvements to Dolphin, Elisa, and Spectacle

Also brings improvements to K3b, Kalendar, Kate, Kdenlive, KGet, KMail, Konsole, and other apps.
KDE Gear 22.12.2

The KDE Project released today KDE Gear 22.12.2 as the second maintenance update to the latest KDE Gear 22.12 open-source software suite for the KDE Plasma desktop environment and other projects bringing various minor improvements to some of your favorite KDE apps.

KDE Gear 22.12.2 is here almost a month after the first point release, KDE Gear 22.12.1, to further improve the Dolphin file manager by forcing type-ahead to no longer inappropriately enter Selection Mode when one of the typed characters is a space.

This release also improves the Spectacle screenshot utility with the ability to remember the last-used rectangular region box until quitting the app, rather than always remembering it. The Elisa music player received improvements to high-resolution album art, which is now sharper and looks better when using a scaling factor.

The Gwenview image viewer has been improved as well in this second maintenance update to the KDE Gear 22.12 software suite to once again display previews for supported RAW image files.

The K3b CD/DVD/BD writing app got a fix for a bug that prevented you from adding files from an m3u playlist, the KAlgebra mathematical graph calculator app and Okular document viewer now support exporting the main activity as required by Android 12, and the Kdenlive video editor received fixes for a crash that occurred when deleting a subtitle clip and scene split job not saving sub clips.

The KItinerary/Itinerary travel assistant received improved extraction from international MAV RCT2 tickets, support for full-day events in Pretix pkpass files, as well as deduplicate parsing of the two MAV barcode variants.

The KolourPaint raster graphics editor now features more image formats in the list of ones supporting variable quality, and the Konsole terminal emulator got updates to the blinking cursor to be in its correct visual position.

Other apps like Kalendar, KTouch, Kate, KGet, KMail, and Konqueror received smaller bug fixes, so check out the full changelog for more details. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the stable software repositories for the KDE Gear 22.12.2 packages and update your installations as soon as possible if you want to enjoy the best KDE Plasma/Apps experience.

Last updated 1 year ago

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