KDE Plasma 5.19.4 Desktop Update Now Available with More Than 20 Bug Fixes

KDE Plasma 5.19 Beta

The KDE Project released today KDE Plasma 5.19.4 as the fourth of five maintenance updates to the latest KDE Plasma 5.19 desktop environment series launched in early June 2020.

KDE Plasma 5.19.4 comes three weeks after the Plasma 5.19.3 update with more bug fixes and improvements across various core components to make the Plasma 5.19 desktop environment series more stable and reliable.

In this update, support for GTK apps is further improved when applying a Global Theme, as their color schemes will also change accordingly, the hotspot configuration dialog of the Plasma Networkmanager applet is now bigger, and the “Text Only” display style of new system monitor widgets is now properly shown.

KDE Plasma 5.19.4 also improves the Plasma Vault app, especially when decrypting files, by hiding the password when submitting it and resetting the password field when the user clicks OK.

Among other noteworthy changes, maximized windows are now automatically resized when workspace changes are detected, KCM can now be opened in System Settings only if it can be displayed, and it’s once again possible to open Trash or Breeze theme settings pages via KRunner and the Kickoff Application Dashboard.

A couple of regressions that caused the Plasma desktop to overwrite the system locale settings even if there weren’t any changes made or make it impossible to apply wallpapers downloaded using the Get New [Thing] dialog have been addressed as well in this new update.

There are a total of 24 bug fixes included in this update and you can check out all the details about them in the full changelog. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution for the KDE Plasma 5.19.4 packages and update your installations as soon as possible.

The next and last point release in the KDE Plasma 5.19 desktop environment series, Plasma 5.19.5, is expected on September 1st, 2020. After that, KDE Plasma 5.19 will reach end of life and will be replaced in mid-September by KDE Plasma 5.20, a massive update with exciting new features and improvements.

Image: KDE

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