KDE’s Apps Update for October 2020 Brings Improvements to Kid3, Labplot, and More

KDE's May 2020

Besides the September update for Plasma Mobile, the KDE Project also announced today the general availability of the KDE Apps update for October 2020, versioned 20.08.2.

KDE Applications 20.08.2 is the second scheduled maintenance update for the latest KDE Applications 20.08 open-source software suite. It’s here a month after the September 2020 update (KDE Applications 20.08.1) and comes with the recently released digiKam 7.1 photo management software and many updated apps.

These include Labplot 2.8 interactive scientific data graphing and analysis tool, which comes with two new worksheet objects, namely image elements and reference lines, new capabilities for the spreadsheet to calculate quartiles and trimean, suport for Jupyter project files, as well as easier access to many online resources.

The KDevelop 5.6 IDE is included as well in this update with its new ability of displaying inline notes for issues at the end of a line, along with the Kid3 3.8.4 music file tagging app, which features extended and customizable keyboard shortcuts for navigation.

Also updated are the Tellico collection manager to version 3.3.3, a release that improves the Entrez (Pubmed) data source, the Konversation chat app to version 1.7.6, which now builds against more Qt versions and correctly loads the nick icon theme, and the KDiff3 diff tool to version 1.8.4, a bugfix release with several improvements.

The Calindori 1.2 calendar app for Plasma Mobile is also present as the first stable release. The app is available on both KDE neon and postmartketOS operating systems for Linux phones and tablets.

Other than that, KDE’s Apps update for October 2020 brings fixes to the Gwenview’s photo importer, Kate’s file menu and tab middle-clicking functionality, Dolphin file manager’s drag and drop support and GDrive integration, as well as Elisa music player’s list-style views and the “Empty playlist” placeholder message.

A bug causing the Konsole terminal emulator to crash when selecting or pasting text while holding down the Shift key was addressed as well, along with an issue with diagonal scrolling. Moreover, the Spectacle screenshot utility that could cause graphical corruption in screenshots on multi-monitor HiDPI setups.

The KDE Applications 20.08.2 also brings various improvements to the Okular document viewer, Kontact personal information manager, Kdenlive video editor, Krfb remote desktop sharing tool, and KDE Connect phone connection manager. For more details on these changes, check out the full changelog.

Meanwhile, you should expect the KDE Applications 20.08.2 packages to appear in the stable software repositories of various GNU/Linux distributions, especially rolling releases like KDE neon, Arch Linux or openSUSE Tumbleweed, in the coming days.

The KDE Applications 20.08 software suite will receive one more maintenance update, version 20.08.3, which is currently scheduled for November 5th. But the KDE Project is already working on the next major release, KDE Applications 20.12, which will hit the streets on December 10th, 2020.

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