Latest Steam Client Update Enables New VR Gamepad UI in SteamVR Beta on Linux

This release also improves colors for HDR screenshots and improves colors when streaming HDR games.
Steam Client SteamVR

After announcing SteamVR 2.0, Valve released today a new Steam Client update for all supported platforms that introduces several new features, improvements, as well as bug fixes to provide gamers with the best possible Linux gaming experience.

For Linux gamers, the new Steam Client update includes the 64-bit library to enable the new VR gamepad UI in SteamVR beta, improves screen reader support, fixes the in-game overlay keyboard input to work on systems with iBus, such as GNOME, adds the -cef-force-accessibility flag to force steamwebhelper to enable accessibility support, and improves the handling of some open URL requests.

Moreover, the new Steam Client release also adds support for SteamVR 2.0, a major update that transitions to the Steam Linux Runtime 3.0 (sniper) for improved compatibility, fixes runtime configuration to launch in Steam Linux Runtime 3.0 for improved startup on more Linux systems, improves support for Debian and Ubuntu systems, and fixes SteamVR Home and vrcompositor to launch under legacy scout runtime.

Among other changes, the new Steam Client update improves colors for HDR screenshots, improves colors when streaming HDR games, adds support for the low latency networking option on Steam Link, adds the ability to see shader cache disk usage under Settings > Storage, and improves Remote Play picture quality by using fixed bitrate in automatic bandwidth mode by default.

On top of that, this release adds a low latency network setting for Remove Play to reduce latency at the cost of bandwidth, restores the ability to rename controllers in the Options > Controller menu, adds support for the PowerA Nintendo Switch Nano wired controller, adds the ability to bind the capture button on the Google Stadia controller, adds new Gyro 3DOF to 2D conversion styles, and adds three new Gyro modes, namely Gyro To Mouse, Gyro to Joystick (Camera), and Gyro to Joystick (Deflection).

Big Picture Mode has been improved as well to let you dismiss modal dialogs when clicking the background and allow navigation to a blank page when clicking the resume button in the main window. Of course, numerous bugs were addressed to improve existing functionality. For more details, check out the release notes.

To install the new Steam Client update, go to the Steam menu, click on “Check for Steam Client Updates”, and click on the “Download” button on the right side of the blue bottom notification.

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