Latte Dock 0.9.9 Will Vastly Improve Launcher’s Experience for New Users

Latte Dock 0.9.9

Latte Dock 0.9.9 dock-like app launcher for GNU/Linux distributions has been released today as a maintenance update that promises to dramatically improve the Latte Dock experience for new users.

Latte is one of the most used dock-like applications for Linux-based operating systems. It is based on KDE’s Plasma frameworks, but it can be used on virtually any desktop environment.

The latest release is here to address a critical bug in the initialization of configuration files during startup. While users using the Latte Dock 0.8 series aren’t affected, this will vastly improve the Latte Dock experience for new users and those who are using the 0.9 series.

“I discovered that initialization of config files during startup it was not valid for all new users. There were cases that configuration files were not consistent with v0.9.x implementation. Old users using Latte since v0.8.x days are not influenced by that,” explains the developer in the release announcement.

The developer urges all Linux OS maintainers who have Latte Dock 0.9.x packages in their archives to update as soon as possible to Latte Dock 0.9.9 for users to have a much better experience.

Another important issue was fixed in this release, to prohibit the app to load a ‘Shared Layout’ as ‘Central’ if it’s already loaded. This bug could mess with the MultipleLayouts appearance when using a Shared layout.

This update also improves Wayland support as Latte Dock no longer crashes when right-clicking on the Tasks plasmoid, and updates the animations speed to support the recently released KDE Plasma 5.18 LTS desktop environment’s new animation speed values.

Several bugs were fixed as well to improve the blur region and area calculations and properly display the Tasks’ icon size during startup if the “parabolic effect” is disabled, as well as other parts of the software.

You can download Latte Dock 0.9.9 right now from the official website, but I recommend installing it from the stable software repositories of your favorite GNU/Linux distribution.

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