Libreboot Open-Source BIOS/UEFI Replacement Gets Support for New Hardware

Libreboot 20230625 comes with support for the HP EliteBook 2570p, HP 8300 USDT, and Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L mainboards.

The Libreboot project informs 9to5Linux today about the general availability of a new Libreboot release that introduces support for new hardware, as well as numerous improvements.

After almost a year of hard work, Libreboot 20230625 is out now as a hefty update that introduces support for new mainboards for both laptops and desktops, including HP EliteBook 2570p, HP 8300 USDT, and Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L, which was removed from previous Libreboot versions.

While the devs are still working on improving hardware support, Libreboot currently works well on Acer G43T-AM3, Apple iMac 5,2, Intel D510MO and D410PT desktop motherboards, as well as on Apple MacBook1,1 and MacBook2,1, Dell Latitude E6400, HP EliteBook 2560p, and HP EliteBook Folio 9470m.

It is also known to work well on a bunch of Lenovo laptops including ThinkPad X200, X200S, and X200 tablet, ThinkPad T60 with Intel GPU, ThinkPad X60, X60S, and X60 tablet, as well as ThinkPad X301, R400, T400 / T400S, T500, T530 / W530, W500, R500, T440p, X220, X220t, T420, T420S, T430, X230, X230t, and W541.

Moreover, Libreboot can run on a couple of ARM laptops with U-Boot payload, including ASUS Chromebook Flip C101 and Samsung Chromebook Plus (v1).

The new release also comes with no-microcode ROMs that don’t contain CPU microcode. As such, Libreboot now comes with two sets of ROM images by default for each x86 mainboard, one that contains CPU microcode and another one that does not contain CPU microcode.

Other than that, Libreboot received a massive list of build system changes with half of the code being re-written or heavily refactored in an attempt to further improve the coding style and fix more bugs. For a full list of build changes, check out the release announcement page.

Libreboot is an open-source and free BIOS/UEFI replacement with an emphasis on security, based on Coreboot, for x86 and ARM machines. It comes with support for the GRUB and SeaBIOS Coreboot payloads and an automated build system for the configuration and installation of Coreboot ROM images.

You can download the latest release from the official website.

Image credits: Libreboot project

Last updated 8 months ago

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