Manjaro-Powered PinePhone Linux Phone Is Coming in September from $149

Manjaro PinePhone

PINE64 and the Manjaro Community announced today that next Community Edition of the PinePhone Linux phone will be powered by the Arch Linux-based Manjaro operating system.

Starting at only $149 USD the Manjaro-powered PinePhone Linux phone will be available for pre-order in mid-September. An exact date has not yet been announced, but as soon as it is you’ll be the first to know.

Just like the PinePhone postmarketOS Community Edition announced two months ago, the Manjaro Community Edition of the PinePhone will also be available $199 USD hardware variant, called Convergence Package, which ships with 3GB RAM instead of 2GB RAM like the $149 variant and double the storage, 32GB eMM.

The Convergence Package also ships with a USB-C dock that features 10/100 Ethernet connection, two USB Type-A ports, HDMI digital video output, and power-in via USB-C so you can connect it to a monitor and keyboard and turn the PinePhone into a Linux computer.

As you all know, Manjaro Linux is a user-friendly Arch Linux derivative that comes in different editions with Xfce being the flagship. Manjaro currently offers three mobile UIs, UBports’ Lomiri, Purism’s Phosh, and KDE’s Plasma Mobile.

But, as you can imagine, not all of them can be shipped on the device, so the Manjaro Community will have to decide (and announce) in the coming weeks which one to offer to those who want to buy a Manjaro-powered PinePhone next month.

If you already have a PinePhone, you can try the latest Manjaro Linux builds with Phosh or Plasma Mobile by downloading the images from here and flashing them on your device.

As with previous editions, PINE64 will donate $10 USD for each PinePhone Manjaro Community Edition sold to the Manjaro Linux team to continue the development of their Arch Linux-based distro, which is also supported on the Pinebook Pro Linux laptop.

Image: PINE64/Manjaro

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