NetworkManager 1.42.8 Adds Support for Port Priority for Bonding and PPP 2.5

This release also adds the ability to automatically unblock the auto-connect of profiles during reapply.
NetworkManager 1.42.8

The NetworkManager 1.42.8 open-source network connection management utility has been released today as a new maintenance update to the latest NetworkManager 1.42 stable series for GNU/Linux distributions.

In this update, which comes a little over two months after version 1.42.6, which probably most of you have installed on your GNU/Linux distributions, you’ll find support for the latest PPP 2.5.0 daemon that implements the Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) to provide Internet connections over serial lines and similar types of PPP links.

In addition, NetworkManager 1.42.8 is here to implement support port priority for bonding and the ability to automatically unblock the auto-connect of profiles during reapply.

Several issues were fixed as well in this release to improve NFT rules for balance-slb bonding, address a regression when handling the PKEY_ID for Infiniband profiles in the ifcfg-rh format, and fix a race condition in the nm-cloud-setup command that caused partial configuration and loss of connectivity with multiple interfaces.

Other than that, NetworkManager 1.42.8 appears to address various bugs related to Wi-Fi Direct (P2P) and IPv6LL connections and removes support for touching the net.ipv6.conf.$IFACE.forwarding variable unless it’s explicitly required for IPv6 sharing.

Since the release of NetworkManager 1.42 in February 2023, the widely used network connection manager received support for EC2 IMDSv2 in nm-cloud-setup, the ability to set up tunnel flags for ip6gre and ip6gretap connection profiles, support for the no-aaaa option in resolv.conf, and improved Wi-Fi hotspot functionality.

Moreover, it received a new ipv[46].replace-local-rule setting for controlling whether to remove the automatically generated local route rule, DHCPv6 IAID lease information, documentation improvements, and numerous bug fixes.

You can download NetworkManager 1.42.8 right now from here if you fancy compiling it yourself on your GNU/Linux distribution. If compiling software from sources is not your cup of tea, you’ll have to wait for the new NetworkManager release to arrive in your distro’s stable repositories.

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