Nitrux 3.4.1 Released with Linux Kernel 6.8, Gamescope, OpenRazer, and More

This release also improves support for AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, and introduces support for new languages.
Nitrux 3.4.1

Nitrux developer Uri Herrera announced today the release and general availability for download of Nitrux 3.4.1 as a new ISO snapshot of this Debian-based, systemd-free, and immutable GNU/Linux distribution that focuses on the KDE Plasma desktop environment.

Powered by the latest and greatest Linux 6.8 kernel series in a Liquorix flavor, Nitrux 3.4.1 is here to introduce several new tools to the distribution, including the OpenRazer drivers to support Razer devices, the Gamescope SteamOS session compositing window manager, and fprint for supporting fingerprint reader devices.

It also introduces the PowerTOP tool for diagnosing power consumption and power management issues, the DebugFS tool for kernel developers to make information available in the user space, and the Safe-rm tool intended to prevent the accidental deletion of important files.

On top of that, Nitrux 3.4.1 improves support for AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards by adding a boot parameter to allow utilities like CoreCtrl to override power features for AMD GPUs using the AMDGPU open-source Mesa graphics driver, as well as an X11 configuration file to enable overclocking for NVIDIA GPUs.

Various bugs and issues from previous releases were addressed in this update to improve things like the Plymouth boot splash screen, user authentication in installed systems using PolicyKit, ZSH configuration, the Waydroid service script for running Android apps, and the Plasma System Monitor app.

Of course, the default software selection has been updated to offer you some of the latest app releases, including the Mozilla Firefox 125 web browser, OpenRC 0.54 init system, and NVIDIA 550.78 graphics driver. Check out the release announcement page for more information about the changes included in Nitrux 3.4.1.

You can download Nitrux 3.4.1 right now from the official website for new installations. Existing Nitrux users needs only to update their installations using the included Nitrux Update Tool System utility. Nitrux continues to use the KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS desktop environment series until the team finishes work on Maui Shell.

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