Nitrux Devs Make It Easier to Upgrade Your Immutable Nitrux OS Installations

Nitrux Update Tool System (NUTS) command-line utility is now available for Nitrux users and it can also perform rollbacks.
Immutable Nitrux

Nitrux developer Uri Herrera has been working on a new utility that would make it a lot easier for existing users to upgrade their immutable Nitrux Linux installations to newer releases, called Nitrux Update Tool System (NUTS).

“Nitrux is an immutable Linux distribution, meaning no changes occur to the content of the root directory by default.”

Until now, upgrading your Nitrux installations to newer releases involved downloading the latest ISO image, writing on a USB flash drive, booting it on your Nitrux machine, and performing an installation using the Calamares installer where you had to make sure that it doesn’t overwrite your /home directory.

Upgrading your Linux distro should be a straightforward process where you open a tool, check for new versions, and perform the upgrade with a few mouse clicks. Nitrux was missing such a tool until now, as the devs announced Nitrux Update Tool System, or NUTS for short.

Nitrux Update Tool System is a command-line tool, which means that you invoke it with the nuts command in a Terminal window. The tool not only will make it easier to upgrade from previous Nitrux releases to newer ones, but it’s also capable of backing up your system if you want to perform rollbacks.

Nitrux Update Tool System upgrades your existing Nitrux installations by first creating a backup of the current root directory using SquashFS, downloading the latest ISO image using the BitTorrent protocol, and updating the system using rsync.

When using the rollback functionality to restore a backup, Nitrux Update Tool System will use the locally generated SquashFS file.

Nitrux Update Tool System will be included by default in future Nitrux releases, starting with Nitrux 2.9. This means that, for now, you’ll have to manually install it in your existing Nitrux installations if you want to upgrade to the latest available Nitrux release. To do that, run the following commands in a Terminal window…

git clone --depth=1 $HOME/nuts
sudo cp $HOME/nuts/usr/bin/nuts /usr/bin
sudo cp $HOME/nuts/etc/nuts.conf /etc

Now you use Nitrux Update Tool System with the sudo nuts update command to upgrade your installation or with the sudo nuts restore command to restore your installation from an existing backup. Have fun!

Last updated 10 months ago

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