NVIDIA 530.41.03 Graphics Driver Brings Better Xfce Support, Faster Installer

This release adds compatibility with Linux kernels that feature Indirect Branch Tracking (IBT) support.
NVIDIA 530.30.02

NVIDIA released today the NVIDIA 530.41.03 graphics driver for GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris systems to introduce new features, as well as various improvements to make your gaming and 3D graphics experience better.

Highlights of NVIDIA 530.41.03 include compatibility for Linux kernels that ship with Indirect Branch Tracking (IBT) support, a feature designed to prevent an attacker from causing an indirect branch on Intel processors from going to an undesired location.

It also introduces an application profile to prevent performance issues for users of the Xfce 4 desktop environment series when the OpenGL compositor backend is enabled along with G-SYNC, as well as suspend and resume support when using GSP firmware.

Another interesting change in the NVIDIA 530.41.03 graphics driver is the adoption of the Zstd (Zstandard) compression algorithm for the installer package instead of XZ. This would make the installer package smaller in size and the decompression faster, which leads to a faster installation process.

“This results in a smaller compressed package, and faster decompression performance. A fallback zstd decompressor is embedded into the installer package for systems which do not already have a zstd decompression program installed,” explains NVIDIA.

In addition, the NVIDIA installer was improved to no longer unload non-NVIDIA kernel modules that were already loaded and to no longer use the $XDG_DATA_DIRS environment variable to improve support for Flatpak applications.

NVIDIA 530.41.03 also improves support for Wayland apps running on using the PRIME render offload feature on a system with an integrated AMD GPU. On top of that, this release changes the behavior of the glXGetRefreshRateSGI() function for non-integer refresh rates to round to the nearest whole number and moves the NVIDIA Settings’ icon into the Hicolor icon theme to allow customization by other icon themes.

This release also adds two NV-CONTROL attributes, namely NV_CTRL_FRAMELOCK_MULTIPLY_DIVIDE_MODE and NV_CTRL_FRAMELOCK_MULTIPLY_DIVIDE_VALUE to allow syncing of NVIDIA Quadro Sync II GPUs to different House Sync signal rates, but requires firmware version 2.18 or later.

Vulkan support was improved as well with the addition of the VK_KHR_video_queue, VK_KHR_video_decode_queue, VK_KHR_video_decode_h264, and VK_KHR_video_decode_h265 extensions.

You can download the NVIDIA 530.41.03 graphics driver for 64-bit and AArch64 (ARM64) GNU/Linux systems, 64-bit FreeBSD systems, as well as x64/x86 Solaris systems right now from the official website, where you will also find information about the supported graphics cards and installation instructions.

Image credits: NVIDIA Corporation

Last updated 11 months ago

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