Pinta Open-Source Drawing and Image Editing Software Scores Another Update

Pinta Update

Pinta, the open-source and cross-platform drawing and image editing software for GNU/Linux, Mac, Windows, and BSD, just got another hefty update.

Last year, I wrote about Pinta getting a massive update after 5 years of silence, and now Pinta developers inform about the release and general availability of Pinta 1.7.1, the first point release coming more than fifteen months after Pinta 1.7.

The new release is mainly a bugfix update, but it also brings some new features like the ability to scroll the canvas horizontally by holding down the Shift key while using the mouse wheel or the ability to zoom in and out of an image without pressing the Ctrl key.

In addition, the Pinta 1.7.1 release lets users swap the primary and secondary palette colors by pressing X, as well as to move by a single pixel in the Move Selected Pixels and Move Selection tools using the arrow keys, and constrain an image to a uniform scale when scaling via the Move Selected Pixels tool with the Shift key.

On top of that, the new update introduces a more user-friendly dialog when attempting to open an unsupported file format and updates the About dialog to allow users to easily copy the version information to the clipboard for bug reporting.

Among other noteworthy changes, Pinta 1.7.1 improves the error messages when the user doesn’t read or write permissions for a file, improves the tooltips for tabs to also display the full file path, makes switching between tools that share the same shortcut more consistent, and improves handling of memory allocation failures for large images.

Several bugs were fixed in this update to also improve the Auto Crop functionality, the Pencil tool, the Text tool, the Shape tools, the Move Selected Pixels tool, as well as to address some crashes and other annoyances. More details about these bug fixes can be found in the full release notes.

You can download Pinta 1.7.1 right now from the official website as a Snap (sudo snap install pinta) or Flatpak universal binary that you can install in virtually any GNU/Linux distribution. Meanwhile, check out the new Pinta update in action in the video below!

The devs recommend these universal package formats instead of the DEB package because installing it may result in bad experience due to the fact that Pinta requires the latest version of Mono, which is missing in many GNU/Linux distributions.

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