PipeWire 1.0 “El Presidente” Officially Released, This Is What’s New

This release improves the ALSA plugin, JACK and GStreamer support, and adds numerous new features for a better multimedia experience.
PipeWire Bluetooth LE Audio

PipeWire 1.0 has been released today as a major update to this modern software for handling audio and video streams and hardware on Linux systems.

Highlights of PipeWire 1.0 include jackdbus support enabled by default, support for both old and new versions of webrtc-audio-processing, support for on-demand combined streams using metadata, the ability to copy metadata in buffers in all cases, the ability to add nodes to multiple groups and link-groups, and the ability to schedule nodes in the same ISO group.

This release also introduces a new option to expose ALSA controls as prop parameters, adds support for XDG-base directories when loading ACP configuration to override the ACP config files, adds support for pause and resume in pipe-tunnel, and adds support for uclamp to allow the scheduler to make better informed decisions about where tasks should be placed.

PipeWire 1.0 also comes with numerous improvements for better socket permissions in the system service, MIDI event recording preview in Ardour, better media.name for RAOP sinks, improved resume from suspend in ALSA, improved poll descriptor handling in the ALSA plugin, and correct handling of notify port dependencies in filter-chain.

On top of that, filter-chain also received support for new linear, clamp, recip, exp, log, mult, and sine built-in plugins, the echo-cancel module has been updated to correctly report its playback and capture streams as ASYNC to avoid running out of buffers, and both the module-rtp-sap and module-rtp-sink modules now try to bind to the specified interface.

PipeWire now also allows the specification of an array of remote names to connect with the native protocol, allows the ability the ALSA plugin to remove runtime properties like period-num, period-size, and max-latency when suspended, improves selection of BAP leader, and adds a jack_set_sample_rate() extension function.

Last but not least, PipeWire 1.0 adds the ability to handle NULL values from mmap_areas in the ALSA plugin, adds the ability to correctly enumerate the ports in all cases by getting the information of all nodes and ports before completing the jack_client_open() operation, and fixes many bugs and regression from previous versions.

For more details, check out the release notes on the project’s GitLab page, from where you can also download the source tarball if you fancy compiling PipeWire 1.0 yourself. The new PipeWire release will soon be available in the stable software repositories of some of the most popular GNU/Linux distributions for a better multimedia experience.

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