Privacy-Focused Tails 5.8 Enables Wayland by Default, Adds New Persistent Storage

This release also introduces QR code scanning of Tor bridges and Tor Connection assistant improvements.
Tails 5.8

The Debian-based Tails 5.8 privacy-focused Linux distribution has been released today and it’s a major update that brings exciting new features and better security for those who want to stay anonymous while browsing the Internet.

The biggest change in Tails 5.8 is the fact that Wayland is now used as the default display system instead of X.Org Server for an extra layer of security. For Tails specifically, the switch to Wayland reenables the Unsafe Browser, which was disabled a few releases ago due to a security vulnerability in X11.

In addition, Wayland enables additional features for the Unsafe Browser, such as sound support, uploads and downloads, alternative input methods for Chinese and other non-Latin languages, as well as accessibility features like a screen reader or virtual keyboard.

“Wayland fixes this vulnerability and makes it safe to reenable the Unsafe Browser by default. You can still disable the Unsafe Browser in the Welcome Screen,” said the devs. “Wayland brings more security in depth to Tails by making it harder for a compromised application in Tails to compromise or misuse another application.”

Another major change in Tails 5.8 is a new Persistent Storage app that has a new look and new features like the ability to change the password of your persistent storage, create a new persistent storage straight from the Welcome screen, or activate new features without having to restart the system.

On top of that, this release adds QR code scanning to enter new Tor bridges, improves the Tor Connection assistant to display a percentage on the connection progress bar and bring a new “Bridge” label to enter a custom bridge, and brings you the latest Tor technologies including Tor Browser 12.0.1 and Tor, as well as the Mozilla Thunderbird 102.6.0 email client.

For more details, you can always check out the release notes. Meanwhile, you can download Tails 5.8 right now from the official website or by using the direct download link below if you want to keep your anonymity while surfing the Internet or for any other Web-based communications.

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