Security-Oriented Distro Parrot 5.1 Arrives with AnonSurf 4, Linux Kernel 5.18, and More

Parrot 5.1

Parrot Security released today Parrot 5.1 as the latest stable release of their Debian-based ethical hacking and penetration testing distribution bringing updated tools and new features.

Parrot 5.1 is here six months after Parrot 5.0 and it’s powered by Linux kernel 5.18, which, unfortunately, reached end of life in August. However, the new kernel comes as a significant update from Linux kernel 5.16 used in the previous release, so you should expect better hardware support.

Parrot 5.1 also ships with the in-house built AnonSurf 4 anonymity tool that provides users with a solution to automatically route all the system traffic through the anonymous Tor network. The new version features a new user interface with an improved system tray icon and settings dialog window, fully supports Debian GNU/Linux systems without the old resolvconf setup, and offers a better overall user experience.

Other than that, Parrot 5.1 includes updates to various security-oriented tools like Metasploit and Exploit-DB, as well as to key components like parrot-menu, which adds extra launchers for newly imported tools, and parrot-core, which introduces a new Firefox profile with improved security hardening.

“Our Firefox profile has received a major update that significantly improves the overall privacy and security,” said the devs. “Our bookmarks collection has been revamped, and now includes new resources, including OSINT services, new learning sources and other useful resources for hackers, developers, students and security researchers.”

Parrot 5.1 also brings good news for ARM users as there are significant performance improvements for the various Raspberry Pi boards and Wi-Fi support for the Raspberry Pi 400 computer. On top of that, ARM users can now enjoy a full MATE desktop experience with the Parrot Home and Parrot Security editions.

The Parrot Architect edition was improved as well, and the Docker containers were updated. Check out the release notes for more details.

You can download Parrot 5.1 right now from the official website if you want to give it a try on your personal computer. Existing Parrot users need only to update their installations by running the command below in a terminal emulator.

sudo parrot-upgrade

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