Shotcut 24.01 Open-Source Video Editor Released with Many New Features

This release adds a new Audio API on Linux to make the --SDL_AUDIODRIVER command line option available in the Settings menu.
Shotcut 24.01

Coming two months after Shotcut 23.11, Shotcut 24.01 is now available for download as the latest stable version of this open-source, free, and cross-platform video editor for GNU/Linux, macOS, and Windows systems.

Highlights of Shotcut 24.01 include the implementation of an Audio API under Settings > Player on Linux and Windows systems to make the --SDL_AUDIODRIVER command line option available in the Settings menu, new backup options to create backups of the current project file hourly, daily (default), or weekly, and support for multiple selections to the Split At Playhead feature.

This release also adds Player > Loop (\) and Player > Set Loop Range to the menu and player controls, a saved multi-selection system under Timeline > Selection > Group/Ungroup, undo and redo support for adding, removing, changing, and disabling filters, as well as pause and resume options to the context menu in Jobs.

Also new in Shotcut 24.01 is a File > Other Versions submenu for helping you find similarly-named project files in the same folder created by Shotcut’s backup or recovery mechanisms, a “Previous” button in the View > Application Log dialog to navigate to the log file created by the previous app session, and a “Copy” button for all text viewer dialogs that acts the same as the “Select All” and “Copy” context menu actions.

The Timeline received new options as well in this release, namely Edit > Nudge Forward (.) and Nudge Backward (,), as well as Edit > Split All Tracks At Playhead (Shift+S). Moreover, Shotcut 24.01 updates the Timeline > Detach Audio option to automatically create a group and addresses a possible crash in Timeline > Split or trim actions if the video clip has certain filters with keyframes.

As expected, numerous bugs were fixed to improve various functionality of the software, such as 10-bit exporting with NVENC (NVIDIA) encoders, distort mode in the Size & Position GPU filter, proxy generation with NVENC when Settings > Proxy > Use Hardware Encoder is enabled, saving of B frames in custom export presets with hardware encoder, as well as toggling of “Export > Use hardware encoder” to no longer reset all the options to default.

Among other changes, Shotcut 24.01 updates the Jobs log viewer to automatically scroll to the end if it is left open while a job is running, updates the Slideshow Generator to remember all options, updates the splitter between UI panels to be easier to find and grab to drag, updates the name of the Declick time filter to Declick Audio, and updates the player controls to automatically adapt to two rows making the display of In Point and Selected Duration more reliable.

For more details, you can check out the release notes on the project’s GitHub page, from where you can also download the Shotcut 24.01 as a universal AppImage binary that you run on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution without installation anything. Of course, the source tarball is available for download as well from the same location.

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