Shotcut 23.11 Open-Source Video Editor Adds NVIDIA AV1 Hardware Encoding

This release also adds easing for keyframes, as well as several new options across the interface and fixes many bugs.
Shotcut 23.11

Shotcut 23.11 open-source, cross-platform, and free video editing software written in Qt has been officially released today as a major update that brings some new features and lots of improvements.

Highlights of Shotcut 23.11 include support for the NVIDIA AV1 (av1_nvenc) hardware encoder on Linux and Windows systems, as well as the addition of easing for keyframes, including Ease In, Ease Out, and Ease In/Out with different levels of acceleration and tricks like elastic and bounce.

“This also changes the appearance of keyframes in the timeline view of Keyframes to make it more clear where the behavior applies – between keyframes,” explained the devs. “When thinking about “in” or “out”, for Shotcut “in” refers to the beginning of something – a clip, filter, or parameter between keyframes. And “out” refers to the end of something.”

Shotcut 23.11 also adds a new Track Auto Fade Video filter that you can add to video tracks to make a dip to black (or another color), or fade in and out the opacity for overlays for each clip.

There are several new options in this release, such as “Opacity” in the GPS Text, Text: Simple, and Timer filters, “Rectangle Select” in Timeline for rectangular selection of clips, “View Bitrate” in Properties to view a clip’s bitrate, “Automatically Add Tracks” in Timeline to automatically add tracks to a timeline, and “Glow Intensity” in Filters > Set to mix a filtered output with the input in order to reduce it.

Furthermore, Shotcut 23.11 brings back the “Split at Playhead” option to the timeline clip context menu, changes the “Save” option in the low memory dialog to perform a backup and save the project to prevent it from breaking, adds a button in Filters to save a filter set, and updates the “Copy checked filters” button to no longer show a dialog.

Last but not least, this release updates the Codec and Audio options in Export to disable some options when a lossless-only or an intra-only codec is selected, updates the Smooth keyframe type to avoid overshoots and cusps, improves the performance of the Zoom feature in Timeline, and adds a Crop: Rectangle > Apply to Source button, which will only appear when the aspect ratio of the source media matches the project’s video mode.

Various bugs have been addressed to improve existing functionality in Shotcut, such as H.264 high-profile YouTube export preset with some hardware encoders and AMD (AMF) quality options in saved Export presets. For more details, check out the release changelog.

You can download Shotcut 23.11 right now from the official website as an AppImage or as a Flatpak app from Flathub, which you can run or install on virtually any GNU/Linux distribution.

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