SystemRescue 8.00 Released with Linux 5.10 LTS, Xfce 4.16, and Improved exFAT Support

SystemRescue 8.00

The Arch Linux-based SystemRescue (formerly SystemRescueCd) live system for system rescue and recovery tasks has been updated today to version 8.00, a major release that introduces new technologies and updated tools.

SystemRescue 8.00 comes about five months after SystemRescue 7.00, which was the first version to ship with the new naming convention instead of SystemRescueCd. The biggest change in this new release is the inclusion of the long-term supported Linux 5.10 LTS kernel series for improved hardware support.

On top of that, SystemRescue 8.00 upgrades the default Xfce desktop environment used for the live session to the latest Xfce 4.16 release, which ships with numerous new features and improvements.

Several of the included tools used for system rescue and recovery tasks have been updated as well in this release. These include GNU Parted 3.4, GParted 1.2.0, FSArchiver 0.8.6, Dislocker 0.7.3, nwipe 0.30, btrfs-progs 5.10.1, e2fsprogs 1.46.2, and xfsprogs 5.10.0.

Support for the exFAT file system has been improved by replacing the exfat-utils program with the newer exfatprogs exFAT filesystem userspace utilities to support the new exFAT filesystem implementation introduced since Linux kernel 5.7.

Another new package landed in this release, namely Paperkey, an open-source command-line tool that lets you export GnuPG keys on paper. Lastly, the Python implementation was updated to version 3.9.2, and the python-pip packages has been added as well to make it easier to install Python programs.

A full list of included packages can be studied here. Meanwhile, you can download SystemRescue 8.00 right now from the official website or using the direct download links below for use on 64-bit or 32-bit systems. SystemRescue can be used directly from a bootable USB flash drive, without installing anything on your PC!

Update 11/03/21: SystemRescue 8.01 is out to fix boot issues from FAT file systems.

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