Tails 4.10 Anonymous OS Released with Updated Tor and Tor Browser, Linux 5.7.10

Tails 4.10

The Tails development team announced today the general availability of the Tails 4.10 release of their Debian-based amnesic incognito live system, also known as the anonymous OS.

Tails 4.10 continues the monthly release cycle of the Tails 4.x series, adding various updated components and a number of bug fixes to improve the overall stability, reliability and compatibility of the distribution.

Based on the stable Debian GNU/Linux 10.5 “Buster” software repositories, Tails 4.10 ships with the latest Tor Browser 9.5.4 anonymous web browser and Tor open-source client/server software for enabling anonymous communication.

It also comes with the latest Electrum 4.0.2 Bitcoin client and an updated kernel, namely Linux 5.7.10, which should improve the support for newer hardware to allow Tails to run on more computers.

Tails 4.10 also improves support for USB Wi-Fi adapters with Atheros AR9271 hardware, removes the welcome message and broken protocol selection from the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, and enables USB tethering from iPhone devices.

Among other changes, this release improves the robustness of the “The Additional Software dpkg hook notices when persistence is locked down while installing a package” and “Use GNOME Disks to unlock a USB drive that has a basic VeraCrypt volume with a keyfile” scenarios, as well as the cloning of a Git repository for the test suite.

If you’re using Tails 4.9 on your PC, you can update it to Tails 4.10 right now by running the sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade command in a terminal emulator to receive the latest package updates.

For new deployments or to use Tails live, a.k.a. directly from a USB thumb drive without installing anything on your computer, download the new ISO image from the official website or using the link below.

The next release, Tails 4.11, is expected to arrive next month on September 22nd. Until then, download Tails now to stay anonymous online!

Last updated 4 years ago

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