Tails 4.11 Anonymous OS Released with Tor Browser 10, Extended Persistent Storage

Tails 4.11

Tails 4.11 is now available for download as a monthly update to this amnesic incognito live system a.k.a. the Anonymous OS bringing various improvements, updated components and security fixes.

The biggest news in Tails 4.11 is the fact that it comes with the latest Tor Browser 10 anonymous web browser preinstalled, which is based on the newest Mozilla Firefox 78.3 ESR (Extended Support Release) series and includes Tor, Tor Launcher 0.2.25, and NoScript 11.0.44.

On top of that, Tails 4.11 updates the Mozilla Thunderbird email client to version 68.12 and extends the Persistent Storage feature to also save the keyboard, language, and other settings from the Welcome Screen. Users will be able to restore these settings when they reinstall Tails, but only after upgrading to version 4.11.

Moreover, this release updates the KeePassXC password manager to save its Passwords.kdbx database in a persistent directory by default (e.g. /home/amnesia/Persistent/keepassx.kdbx).

Under the hood, Tails 4.11 runs Linux kernel 5.7.17 for better hardware support, despite the series reaching end of life last month, as well as X.Org Server 1.20.4, BIND 9.11.5, Ghostscript 9.27, libzmq5 4.3.1, Electrum 4.0.2, and python3-trezor 0.12.2, all of which received security fixes.

Among the bugs fixed in this update, there’s a fix for an issue with the sorting of Intel GPUs in the “Error starting GDM” message, and the “Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot” feature in the GNOME Wi-Fi settings has been disabled since it didn’t work in Tails.

You can download Tails 4.11 as an ISO or USB image right now from the official website or using the direct download links below. However, if you have Tails installed in your personal computer, you just need to update it by running the sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade command in a terminal emulator.

The next release, Tails 4.12, is expected on October 20th, 2020.

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