Tails 5.17 Anonymous Linux OS Renames Tails Installer to Tails Cloner

This release comes with Tor Browser 12.5.3, more printer drivers, and improved Persistent Storage.
Tails 5.17

The Tails community announced today the release and general availability for download of Tails 5.17 as the latest stable image for this amnesic incognito live system based on Debian GNU/Linux.

Based on the Debian GNU/Linux 12.1 “Bookworm” release, Tails 5.17 is here to rename the Tails Installer to Tails Cloner because Tails Installer is no longer the preferred way of installing Tails on a USB flash drive and it can only be used for cloning a Tails system either for installing or for upgrading purposes.

For those who also use a printer with their Tails system, the new release brings more printer drivers pre-installed by default via the printer-driver-brlaser package to support Brother printers, and it also adds the ability to enable all printers automatically.

Tails’s Persistent Storage feature has been improved in this release so that it no longer fails when trying to unlock the Persistent Storage because the upgrading of the cryptographic parameters took too long in some cases.

“Sometimes, upgrading the cryptographic parameters of the Persistent Storage was taking too long and made unlocking the Persistent Storage fail. We allowed the upgrade to take more time before reporting a failure,” explained the devs. “Please keep reporting errors using WhisperBack if you have problems unlocking your Persistent Storage.”

Other than that, Tails 5.17 includes the latest Tor Browser 12.5.3 anonymous web browser, as well as the Mozilla Thunderbird 102.15.0 email and calendar client. Under the hood, the system is powered by Linux kernel 6.1.38 LTS from the Debian Bookworm repositories.

You can download Tails 5.17 right now from the official website as a live ISO image or a USB image if you want to protect your identity online, avoid censorship, or do other tasks on the Internet without the fear of being watched by government agencies or your ISP.

Last updated 6 months ago

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