Ventoy 1.0.87 Brings Support for Lenovo Product Recovery and Dell PER ISOs

Also improves the secondary boot menu and screen resolution in theme plugin.
Ventoy 1.0.87

Ventoy 1.0.87 has been released today for this open-source and cross-platform bootable USB solution that lets you create multi-boot USB drives for ISO, WIM, IMG, VHD(x), and EFI files, supporting numerous OS types and platforms, including Linux, Unix, ChromeOS, VMware, Windows, WinPE, etc.

The new Ventoy release is here with support for the Lenovo Product Recovery ISO file, as well as the Dell Platform Specific Bootable ISO file. In addition, the GRUB2 mode has been updated to support ISO images of the Porteus Linux distribution.

For your convenience, Ventoy 1.0.87 adds a new return to previous menu option in the secondary boot menu, adds a max value for the screen resolution option in the Ventoy theme plugin, supports VENTOY_CHECKSUM file for checksum value match, and introduces new menu languages.

Among the bugs fixed in this update, there’s an issue that created a blank item at the end of the Language select menu, a menu display issue when using persistence, a file path issue when using file checksum in F2 browse mode, a menu title issue, as well as an issue when booting VHD/VHDX files in an extend logic partition in F2 browse mode.

Other than that, Ventoy 1.0.87 adds BSD style support for .md5, .sha1, .sh256, and .sha512 checksum files, disables the Fn hotkeys in autoinstall, persistence, and WIM select menus, and updates the languages.json file.

You can download Ventoy 1.0.87 right now from the project’s GitHub page, where you can also check out the full release notes and details about how to get started with Ventoy to create multi-boot USB sticks with as many operating systems as you want. Ventoy currently supports more than 1000 ISO images.

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