VirtualBox 6.1.32 Fixes Access to Some USB Devices on Linux Hosts, Improves Shared Clipboard

VirtualBox 6.1.32

Oracle released today VirtualBox 6.1.32 as the latest stable update to its open-source and cross-platform virtualization software for GNU/Linux, Solaris, macOS, and Windows systems.

VirtualBox 6.1.32 arrives almost two months after VirtualBox 6.1.30 to fix a bunch of bugs. For example, it fixes access to some USB devices on Linux hosts as the device class wasn’t handled correctly, fixes the wrong mouse position if guest is in text mode, fixes copying of folders from host to guest and vice versa, and fixes UNICODE handling.

Also fixed in this release is the accidental creation of an empty debug log file when the OSS (Open Sound System) audio backend was configured, the loss of keyboard focus under rare circumstances when using the mini toolbar in full-screen mode, the link status reporting for certain Linux kernels, as well as packaging and installer regressions affecting Solaris hosts.

On top of that, VirtualBox 6.1.32 adds a workaround for OS/2 guest instability on newer AMD CPUs due to a missing TLB flush in OS/2 hosts and fixes some issues with extended attributes in shared folders in OS/2 Additions, and fixes a regression in the unattended installation introduced in VirtualBox 6.1.28, which caused partitioning failures for Windows XP to Windows 10 systems.

Apart from all these bug fixes, there are also a couple of improvements. For example, the HTML content exchange between X11 and Windows guests and hosts was improved, and the guest RAM management was changed to be more compatible with HVCI when using Hyper-V.

VirtualBox 6.1.32 is available for download right now from the official website for all supported platforms. If you’re updating from version 6.1.30, don’t forget to also download the Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack. More details about the changes included in this update are available in the complete changelog.

Image credits: Oracle

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