Wayland Support for Budgie Desktop Looks Bright, Even for Budgie 10

The upcoming Budgie 11 desktop environment will be Wayland-only and will not support an X11 session.
Budgie 10 Wayland

Our friend Joshua Strobl (you know him from the Budgie desktop environment and Solus distribution) writes today in a lengthy blog post about the work that will be done in the coming months to implement Wayland support for the Budgie desktop, even for the current Budgie 10 series.

“We have decided to take a proactive approach in making Wayland support a reality within Budgie 10 series.”

At the moment of writing, the Budgie desktop environment doesn’t support Wayland. Last year, Joshua teased us with a “Wayland-focused development” for the Budgie 11 series, saying that “Budgie 11 will be developed with Wayland in mind, with it being the primary method of using Budgie 11.”

But Budgie 11 is nowhere near completion and no release date is set in stone yet. However, with Budgie 10 series being actively maintained, Joshua Strobl talks now about the possibility of it getting Wayland support sooner than you might think.

To achieve this tremendous goal and also address immediate user needs, the Budgie devs will soft-fork GNOME’s Mutter window and composite manager from the still supported GNOME 43 series for X11 support, with the mention that it will be designed to work only on the Budgie desktop and that it will only be a temporary measure.

Additionally, they plan to implement a replacement Wayland compositor that’s built on top of wlroots, a modular, vendor-agnostic Wayland compositor library designed to implement a wide range of Wayland compositor features. This wlroots-based Wayland compositor for Budgie 10 will be called Magpie.

When Magpie will see the light of day, Budgie 10 will no longer support X11.

“While Mutter’s excellent Wayland compositor could be viewed as sufficient for the short-term of Budgie 10 series, Budgie 11 will result in a separation from the GNOME stack, and therefore to avoid duplicate effort or further complicating our existing soft fork, we decided to immediately invest time into building a compositor leveraging wlroots,” explains Joshua Strobl.

So if you were hoping to use Budgie under Wayland, a future update to the current Budgie 10 series will turn that dream into reality. Of course, not all things might work as expected under Wayland and it will take several releases to get there until Budgie 11 see the light of day as a Wayland-only release.

Last updated 9 months ago

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