You Can Finally Upgrade Your Zorin OS PCs with the Zorin OS Upgrader

The Zorin OS Upgrader tool will also perform upgrades from Zorin OS Free editions to Zorin OS Pro editions.
Zorin OS Upgrader

The Zorin OS team announced today the general availability of a new tool called Zorin OS Upgrader that will finally make it easier to upgrade your current Zorin OS installation to newer releases or the Zorin OS Pro version.

Meet Zorin OS Upgrader, the most requested feature ever by Zorin OS users. This tool will finally let you easily and seamlessly upgrade your Zorin OS systems to newer releases immediately as they become available without having to download a new ISO image and perform a clean install.

Until today, upgrading between major versions of Zorin OS would involve downloading the new ISO, writing it to a USB flash drive, backing up your files, preparing the drive partition, installing the new copy of Zorin OS, and restoring your data to the new installation, as explained in detail here.

With Zorin OS Upgrader upgrading your existing Zorin OS systems is extremely easy. While the tool is currently in beta testing, it will allow you to perform an upgrade from Zorin OS 15 (64-bit) to Zorin OS 16 series. Moreover, it will allow you to upgrade Zorin OS Free editions to Zorin OS Pro editions.

“After receiving countless requests from you throughout the years, we’re thrilled to introduce our most anticipated feature ever: the Zorin OS Upgrader. It allows you to upgrade between releases and editions of Zorin OS in-place, easily and seamlessly,” said Artyom Zorin, CEO & Co-Founder of Zorin OS.

Those of you who want to give Zorin OS Upgrader a try can install it in your current Zorin OS systems from the main software repositories. To achieve that, simply paste the following commands in the Terminal app.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install zorin-os-upgrader

Once the tool is installed, you will find it in the Zorin Menu under System Tools > Upgrade Zorin OS. The tool will prompt you to choose your desired upgrade option from available releases.

Since this new tool is still in beta testing, the Zorin OS devs don’t recommend it for upgrading mission-critical production systems as you may experience stability issues. In addition, it may not work as expected on Zorin OS 15 systems, so check out the Zorin OS Wiki for more details.

When the beta testing period is completed in the coming weeks, the Zorin OS Upgrader tool will be rolled out automatically to all Zorin OS 15 and 16 users via a software update. Until then, here’s Zorin OS Upgrader in action!

Video credits: Zorin OS

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