9to5Linux Weekly Roundup: December 27th, 2020

Weekly Roundup December 27th

The thirteenth installment of the 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup is here, for the week ending on December 27th, keeping you guys up to date with the most important things that have happened in the Linux world. If you missed last week’s Weekly Roundup, you can check it out here.

Happy New Year!

Christmas holidays are over, but we’re now approaching another festive period to celebrate the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021. Once again, I want to thank you all for supporting me during 2020 (I know it’s been a rough year for everyone) and I hope you’ll be here in 2021 for the best Linux has to offer. Happy New Year!

This past week was slow in news and that’s mostly because everyone celebrated the Christmas holidays with their loved ones. But, since it was Christmas, we had some nice presents from Santa under the tree, such as the release of the highly anticipated Xfce 4.16 desktop environment. Check them all out in the weekly roundup below!

Hot news of the week

Linux distributions released this week

Linux apps, drivers, desktops and kernels released this week

Coming up next week

  • New Arch Linux ISO snapshot
  • … and the New Year’s Eve party!

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