Arch Linux 2023.08.01 Released with Linux Kernel 6.4 and Archinstall 2.6

This new ISO release also includes all the package updates released in July 2023.
Arch Linux 2023.08.01

Arch Linux 2023.08.01 has been released today as Arch Linux’s ISO snapshot for August 2023 featuring a brand-new kernel, an updated text-mode installer, and the latest package updates.

The Arch Linux 2023.08.01 release ships with the latest Linux 6.4 kernel series, which was released on June 25th, 2023, with features like Intel LAM support, more Rust language code, new RISC-V features, as well as new and updated drivers for top-notch hardware support. Linux kernel 6.4.7 is included by default.

This ISO snapshot also includes the recently released Archinstall 2.6 text-based installer, which brings a revamped partitioning section, support for the Hyprland dynamic tiling Wayland window manager, support for the Limine multiprotocol bootloader, and support for custom mirrors.

The latest package versions released during July 2023 have been included as well in the new Arch Linux ISO snapshot to provide users with the best possible hardware support for new installations, especially for those who encounter hardware issues with previous Arch Linux ISOs.

Arch Linux 2023.08.01 is available for download right now from the official website. Once again, I remind you that this new ISO release is here only for those who want to deploy Arch Linux on new computers or reinstall because of various reasons.

Existing Arch Linux users with a healthy installation need only to keep their installations updated to receive the most recent GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source apps by running the sudo pacman -Syu command on a regular basis.

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