Arch Linux Installer Now Supports Hyprland WM, Limine Bootloader

archinstall 2.6 is now available separate /boot and /boot/esp via XBOOTLDR in systemd-boot and revamped partitioning.
Arch Linux Installer

After several months of hard work, the Arch Linux devs released today Archinstall 2.6 as the latest stable release of the official Arch Linux text-mode installer that brings several new features and many improvements.

Archinstall 2.6 is here with support for the Hyprland customizable dynamic tiling Wayland window manager, support for the Limine modern, advanced, portable, multiprotocol bootloader, and support for custom mirrors finally allowing users to add their favorite mirrors.

Also new in Archinstall 2.6 is a revamped partitioning section that has been rewritten, enablement of separate /boot and /boot/esp via XBOOTLDR in systemd-boot, easier saving of configuration files by allowing tab-completion in folder path entry, as well as support for Estonian and Traditional Chinese languages.

Of course, the new Arch Linux installer release also comes with lots of bug fixes to improve Arch Linux’s installer. These fixes improve support for the i3 WM profile, adds a runtime dependency for dmenu, add better support for the Sway WM, improve disk encryption, make PKGBUILD more manageable, and add Python 3.11 improvements.

Some import and configuration loading issues have been fixed as well in Archinstall 2.6, which also fixes password encryption to be set properly, adds better FIDO2 support, and correctly installs the dkms package for NVIDIA and NVIDIA-OPEN when using custom Linux kernels.

There are many other fixes and minor changes included in Archinstall 2.6, which is available for download right now from the project’s GitHub page or the official Arch Linux repositories. You will also find it pre-installed by default in the upcoming Arch Linux ISO snapshot for August 2023 (2023.08.01).

The devs warn that this release comes with breaking changes in terms of configuration files and the API layer in order to clean up poor terminology and also separate code logic and uniform parameters for similar functions. Make sure that you read the release notes for more details.

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