Arch Linux-Based EndeavourOS Artemis Neo Is Now Available as a Minor Update

EndeavourOS Artemis Neo

EndeavourOS developer Bryan Poerwo released today a new version of this popular Arch Linux-based GNU/Linux distribution of the masses, EndeavourOS Artemis Neo.

EndeavourOS Artemis Neo is here one and a half months after EndeavourOS Artemis as a minor update mostly to offer those who want to deploy the Arch Linux-based distro on new computers with an up-to-date live/installation medium featuring some of the latest and greatest GNU/Linux technologies and Open Source software.

Powered by the Linux 5.18.16 kernel, as well as the Mesa 22.1.4, XOrg Server 21.1.4, and NVIDIA 515.65.01 graphics stacks, EndeavourOS Artemis Neo downgrades the Calamares graphical installer to version 3.2.59 from 3.2.60 to address a local issue, fix an archlinux-keyring issue affecting offline installations, and adding the ability for the installation process to rank EndeavourOS mirrors for online installations in addition to Arch Linux’s mirrors.

“This release isn’t shipping with big improvements from our side but has some corrections to the Artemis release from last month and an upstream refresh for the live environment and the offline install option. So there aren’t any fixes done on the DE options like the empty icon on our Plasma installations. We are working on it,” said Bryan Poerwo in the release announcement.

So the devs are yet to address more important issues like the empty icon on KDE Plasma installations, which will probably be implemented in the next major release coming later this year. Meanwhile, if you want an up-to-date EndeavourOS ISO to install on your computer, you can download the EndeavourOS Artemis Neo release right now from the official website (scroll down for a list of download mirrors).

EndeavourOS Artemis arrived at the end of June 2022 as a massive update to this popular GNU/Linux distribution for Arch Linux fans bringing new features like WirePlumber as the default session and policy manager for PipeWire, support for downgrading EndeavourOS packages, a smoother and native Budgie desktop experience, as well as a built-in installation option for EndeavourOS ARM.

Existing EndeavourOS Artemis users don’t need to download the new ISO release to keep their installations up to date. If you’re running EndeavourOS Artemis, all you have to do to receive the aforementioned updates is to run the sudo pacman -Syu command in a terminal emulator or use your favorite graphical package manager to apply the latest updates.

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