Budgie 10.8 Desktop Released with New Trash Applet, Budgie Menu Improvements

This release also comes with improvements to Privilege Escalation dialog and StatusNotifier support in system tray.
Budgie 10.8

Joshua Strobl announced today the release of Budgie 10.8 as a new maintenance update bringing various improvements, bug fixes, and other changes.

Budgie 10.8 comes with a new applet called Budgie Trash Applet that was previously available as a third-party applet, but not it comes pre-installed by default with the new Budgie release. Apart from the usual functionality of such an applet, the Budgie Trash Applet also features support for restoring trashed files.

Another interesting change in Budgie 10.8 is support for the StatusNotifier specification in the System Tray Applet, which enables applications to show their icons and menus in the system tray area in a modern way that is expected from a desktop environment in 2023.

The Budgie Menu applet has been updated as well in this release to re-organize some of the default apps and categories based on user feedback. For example, the Utilities category has been removed entirely and the items were moved to the System Tools category.

Budgie 10.8 also updates the battery indicator in the Status applet to give users the ability to control the Balanced, Performance, and Power Saver profile modes, on supported systems, improves the Privilege Escalation dialog with a description of the requested action, and adds support for Magpie v0.x.

“This version of Magpie is < 1.0 (e.g. 0.9.x) and is designed to be a temporary fork catered to Budgie and its current X11-only support,” said Joshua Strobl. “Magpie v0.9.x is strictly for X11 support and is a fork of Mutter from GNOME 43.x.”

With that in mind, Josh also told me that the Budgie team is working on Wayland support for future Budgie releases, which will be implemented with the Magpie 1.0 as their in-house built Wayland compositor created on top of wlroots.

Check out the blog announcement for details about the bug fixes and minor refinements that landed in Budgie 10.8, a release that will soon be available for users of various popular GNU/Linux distributions, including Arch Linux, Fedora Linux, Ubuntu Budgie, openSUSE Tumbleweed, and others.

Image credits: Joshua Strobl

Last updated 9 months ago

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