Canonical Announces Ubuntu Pro for Devices Subscription for IoT Deployments

The new subscription brings 10 years of security maintenance for Ubuntu and thousands of open source packages to IoT deployements.
Ubuntu Pro for Devices

Canonical, the maker of Ubuntu, announced today the launch of Ubuntu Pro for Devices bringing security and long-term compliance to IoT deployments.

Ubuntu Pro is a free and commercial offering for everyone who wants to extend the coverage of security updates on their Ubuntu PCs providing them with 10 years of security maintenance. Ubuntu Pro was initially launched in 2021 as part of Ubuntu Advantage for enterprise customers offering global services who wanted long-term stability for their infrastructure and applications.

In 2022, Canonical launched a free tier of Ubuntu Pro for personal and small-scale commercial use for up to five machines. Now, the company is expanding Ubuntu Pro to IoT (Internet of Things) devices providing security coverage for critical, high, and medium CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures) for Ubuntu and thousands of open source packages, such as Python, Docker, OpenJDK, OpenCV, MQTT, OpenSSL, Go, and Robot Operating System (ROS).

“Canonical is expanding its collaboration with ODMs as demand for open source security and compliance grows in the embedded space.  Ubuntu Pro for Devices can be combined with  Canonical’s existing Ubuntu Certified Hardware program to offer a best-in-class Ubuntu experience on devices out-of-the-box and for up to 10 years,” said Canonical.

The Ubuntu Pro for Devices subscription also provides device management capabilities through Canonical’s Landscape system management tool, as well as access to Real-time Ubuntu kernels for latency-critical use cases.  Those interested in purchasing the subscription, can contact Canonical directly or any of the ODMs in Canonical’s partner ecosystem, including ADLINK, AAEON, Advantech, and DFI.

Image credits: Canonical

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