GNOME 3.36.5 Desktop Update Released with Various Improvements and Bug Fixes

GNOME 3.36

The GNOME Project announced today the general availability of GNOME 3.36.5 as the fifth point release in the latest GNOME 3.36 desktop environment series, introducing more bug fixes and translation updates.

Coming about a month after the release of the GNOME 3.36.4 update, GNOME 3.36.5 is here as the latest stable bugfix release for the GNOME 3.36 desktop environment series. As expected, the new update is packed with updated core components and apps to keep GNOME 3.36’s stability and reliability at the higher standards.

Highlights of the GNOME 3.36.5 update include Firefox Sync improvements for the Flatpak version of the Epiphany (GNOME Web) web browser, along with a fix for the way newly created tabs are ordered when closing new tabs, as well as a fix for a drag-and-drop crash in File Roller that occurred when cancelling the file overwrite process.

The GDM (GNOME Display Manager) login screen received improvements for user switching, the GNOME Disk Utility now lets users create partitions by using special parameters when requesting the maximal partition size, and GUPnP now features improved subscription check on V6 link-local addresses.

GNOME Boxes appears to have received the most attention during this cycle and it now features the ability to download content from URI in the virtual machine creation assistant, updated recommended downloads for new OS releases, several enhancements to the machine display management, support for downscaling only SPICE displays, and recent RDP authentication fixes.

Lastly, Simple Scan received improvements for color scanning for the Brother ADS 2200 and 2700 sane backend, and the Orca screen reader comes with several bug fixes around the way events from Google Docs are handled when a dialog appears but lacks focus and it now always speaks the current line when the caret moves due to a mouse click event to make the presentation consistent regardless of the element.

The new GTK 3.99.0 release is also present in this update with dozens of new features for application developers, along with a new version of the Vala programming language.

The GNOME Project urges all Linux OS vendors to pack and distribute the GNOME 3.36.5 release for their distributions and supported architectures as soon as possible. A GNOME 3.36.5 Flatpak runtime is also available on Flathub, as well as the official BuildStream project snapshot for those who want to install it themselves.

Compiling GNOME from scratch is a huge task for regular users, so everyone else who’s not an OS maintainer should wait for the GNOME 3.36.5 packages to make their way into the stable software repositories of their favorite GNU/Linux distributions.

The next GNOME 3.36 update will be GNOME 3.36.6, currently scheduled for release around September 5th, 2020. Meanwhile, the GNOME Project is still working hard on the upcoming GNOME 3.38 desktop environment and should soon release the first public beta version.

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