GNOME 44.4 Is Out to Improve Epiphany, GNOME Software, and More

This is a stable bugfix release for GNOME 44 and all users are encouraged to upgrade.
GNOME 44.4

The GNOME Project announced today the general availability of GNOME 44.4 as the fourth maintenance update to the latest GNOME 44 “Kuala Lumpur” desktop environment series.

While GNOME 44.3 was skipped for some reason, GNOME 44.4 only brings a few changes to the Epiphany (GNOME Web) web browser, such as hiding of the “Search the Web for” context menu item by default in the Web App mode.

Several bugs were also addressed in Epiphany, which was updated to version 44.6. These include the broken “Save Password?” permission requests, unencoded % characters in URLs which prevented the session from being saved, web views not being destroyed when the window is closed, and a crash.

GNOME 44.4 also improves the GNOME Software app by disabling animations in the UI according to the user’s accessibility settings, fixing the ability to apply updates that require some packages to be removed to satisfy dependencies, and improving error notifications from failed GPG checks.

Since GNOME 44.3 was missing in action, this release apparently includes GNOME Shell 44.3 with a fix for cursor offset when using a magnifier, a fix for missing workspace borders after wallpaper changes, and a revert of previous screencast optimizations due to bogus windows.

The same goes for Mutter 44.3, which fixes the dynamic max render time blocking with direct scanout, adds the ability to avoid rapidly toggling the dynamic max render time, and ensures the preferred monitor mode is always included.

xdg-desktop-portal-gnome 44.2 is included as well in GNOME 44.4 with a single change, namely the ability to expose the settings backend when running outside of the GNOME desktop environment, which means better compatibility with other desktops like Cinnamon or Xfce.

For more details about the changes included in this update, check out the release announcement. Meanwhile, if you’re using the GNOME 44 desktop environment series, keep an eye on your distro’s stable repositories for the GNOME 44.4 packages and update as soon as possible.

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