GNOME 46 to Introduce Headless Remote Logins via GNOME Display Manager

gnome-remote-desktop will also introduce a systemd service for single-user headless setups and support for the Opus codec.
GNOME 46 remote logins

The GNOME Project is working hard these days on the upcoming GNOME 46 desktop environment series, which will see the light of day at the end of March 2024, promising cool new features like remote logins via GDM.

The alpha version of the GNOME 46 desktop environment should be out for public testing any day now for early adopters and enthusiasts who want to get an early taste of the newly implemented features, one of them begin support for headless remote logins via GDM (GNOME Display Manager).

This is one of the highly requested features for GNOME and it is achieved through the gnome-remote-desktop component, which provides a remote desktop server for the GNOME desktop to allow you to connect to your machine remotely using PipeWire.

The alpha release of gnome-remote-desktop is now available for public testing as part of the upcoming GNOME 46 alpha milestone, based on FreeRDP 3.1 and implementing headless remote logins via GDM (RDP only). In other words, this enables a graphical remote login to your GNOME machine when no one is logged in.

The new gnome-remote-desktop 46 release will also introduce a systemd service for single-user headless setups, automatic fallback port finding, support for the Opus codec, an improved RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) backend, improved cursor handling, and add fdk-aac as a non-optional dependency.

Those of you who have access to a GNOME git instance or like to compile software from sources can download the gnome-remote-desktop 46 alpha release right now from here. However, please keep in mind that this is a pre-release version that may not work as expected due to possible bugs.

The GNOME 46 desktop release is only two and a half months away, so it’s better to wait for the final release if you rely on this feature for your GNU/Linux machine. As expected, GNOME 46 will introduce numerous other new features that will be revealed in time.

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